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High Expectations and Tarot Taboo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 by Mistress Cavallaro

Today was a horribly disorganized day. All my expectations came out flat and most of my desires went unfulfilled. I know we're supposed to appreciate the good and not focus on the bad, but I'm spoiled that way. It's independence day in Dominican Republic, they ran the METRO for the very first time, it kind of looks like the METRO in Madrid. That was the highlight of my day. After that I had a fight, and then I went to the Country Club to play but there was barely any play at all (play is very important to me). I had another fight. Then I watched a movie. Came home and felt rather insipid. Then the people I was talking to disappeared. No goodbyes or warnings.

It just sucked overall I guess. I expected more. I always expect more.

On another note, I've discovered most tarot readers are total scammers. I've had several friends come up to me for a simple reading, and they've already went to professionals and they tell me by far the most impressive reading is mine. I don't even do that for a living.

Point blank. Tarot readers are frauds, most of them, not all of them, some people can really do it right. It's scientific, completely scientific, tarot reading has nothing to do with religion, except for attatched religious believes, which are like saying that the 24th of December isn't just another day because it's Christmas. Well it is another day. It's 24 hours long just the same as any other day, has a morning, afternoon and night. Just because we established it as a holiday doesn't mean the day stopped being a day in itself. Same goes for tarot, just cause people gave it or still give it a spiritual connotation, doesn't mean tarot is spiritual at all, or cards, oracles, pendulums, none of that shit is spiritual. It's scientific.

Feel free to ask me why, so I have the pleasure of clarifying your ass. Anyway, I'm damn good at giving readings, no I won't predict shit I know I can't predict because tomorrow you might make a different choice and fuck up my prediction, but I can sure as hell clarify whatever the fuck is going on in your life. And hey, guess what, I do it for free, because I'm rich and I don't need to read tarot to earn a living. In fact, most tarot readers shouldn't charge for their readings, not really no, because readings are healing and healing should be free, same as medicine should be free and education and nourishment. But trust me, there are those with justified salaries, and then there are those that say their salaries are justified and they're just milking it for what it's worth. Then there's terminology, if you're a crystal, indigo, rainbow, friggin ultraviolet child or something. We're people, we're humans, and we're all essentially the same. We bleed, poop, yadda yadda. We also have our specialties. I have many. But don't worry, I'm not wholly blessed with only good attributes, I have tons of flaws too. Being a good oracle is not one of them. I am a damn good oracle.

Outside of that, another note: I feel lonely right now, give me a hug.

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