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Thoughts, Essays, Opinions and Articles have unique names and are stand-alone, even when related to previous entries. The dream chapters however, where I talk about my dreams, are titled “At The Dreams: “Insert Dream Title Here”, this is to differentiate conscious opinions and thoughts, from the subconscious movements that go on when I’m asleep (or somewhere in between). The reason I post my dreams is probably the same reason I post all other entries, to examine myself. I’m my own lab experiment. 

At The Dreams: "The Floating Spheres Alliance"

Thursday, January 31, 2008 by Mistress Cavallaro

The lands of Argheiz and Metrolya. The Pahr and the Ryderell. The ardent affections of Lehr Myra Naram. Hidden prince of Lahdia. Who is apparently based on Chuck.

The combat zone of the ship, where you must hide in the walls as the shoulders enter the area and use mage power and fire power. The tactics to get to the cockpit of the ship in order to stop it from being overrun and possibly slammed into Perhidia, the grand Buque with the coat of arms and the secret weapons the enemy wants destroyed.

The sunken ships, which rise from the water and slam into the moving vehicles and islands. Then hop back into the water and travel there. Under the water they are faster, and silent, unseen, covered by years of dark matter.

The dark matter, which is the only stone capable of restoring those near death. The anima, Lehr Myra’s panthergeist. Slit from across his jaw to his navel. And as we try to save it, we realize Lehr Myra himself must be in great agony over on the battlefield. At first we think someone entered Melisa’s room and attacked the beast. It’s bloody on the foot of her bed and her hand, resting near it underneath the covers is drenched in blood.

Lehr Myra purchases Earth, so that the planet may be spared from the warlords. It’s now in his own dominion and he’s still one of the few Lehr’s that by royal and civil decree holds veto power over the fate of planets in the alliance of Spheres.

The Floating Spheres Alliance. A conceited and arrogant man, he nonetheless falls for an earthian woman. The woman is already smitten by a dead ship captain, but Lehr Myra will fetch her heart once he’s done saving the galaxy.


Above a deep influence by Final Fantasy and Gossip Girl. What does all this mean? Ok, I’m starting to sound like a friend of mine who keeps asking about every little meaning of symbolism as if it all needs to make sense.

Yeah. I’m just being dramatic.

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